February 2021

Dear Walnut Bend residents, 

The following letter, along with the proposed amendment and ballot, was sent to all Section 2 owners as that is the first section being considered for this amendment (other sections will soon follow)

For more than 50 years, generations of Houston families have called Walnut Bend home. As you may be aware, short term rentals and transient housing (i.e., Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.) have become a growing and popular business model for real estate investment.  Consequently, we have received numerous requests for home modifications to accommodate multi-family residences and short term rentals (which the Board defines as rentals for less than 180 days). To maintain the quality of life that attracts people to Walnut Bend, as well as our property values, it is necessary that we proactively address these challenges.

Our current deed restrictions are 50+ years old and do not adequately address these types of issues.  The Association’s Board of Directors has consulted with our attorney as to the best way to protect Walnut Bend in this regard. The recommendation was to amend the deed restrictions. The proposed deed restriction amendment is enclosed. The purpose of the proposed amendment is to strengthen the single-family use requirement, to further clarify what does not constitute a single-family use, and to prohibit short term rentals.  The Board believes that this amendment will give the Association the tools it needs to address uses of Walnut Bend properties for transient type housing and/or the weekend rental house. The Board feels that all owners and residents will benefit from knowing that, by approving this amendment, they will not be subject to a revolving door of folks on neighboring properties and will not have to worry about living next door to a weekend rental party house.  

Walnut Bend consists of 9 sections, each of which has its own similar but separate set of deed restrictions. The proposed amendment will be presented to each section for a vote, beginning with Section 2, and moving to the next section shortly thereafter, until each section has had the opportunity to vote. Passage of the amendment in each section requires a majority vote of the owners in each section.  We are asking for the participation of all homeowners in this very important decision. 

Protecting the quality of life in the neighborhood we are all a part of requires updating our governing documents so that Walnut Bend can continue to be attractive and thriving for future generations and their families. Thank you for taking the time to participate in your community.


The ballot you received in the mail (there is also a link to the ballot below) should be signed by all persons whose name appears on the Deed to the property (each signature equals one vote).    Accordingly, if the Deed to the property includes, for example, the names of both the husband and the wife, both should sign the ballot, with each signature counting as a vote. If there are more than two names on the Deed, please request a second ballot for that person(s).  Please sign and return the ballot by the soft deadline of February 12th to:

                             Walnut Bend Home Association
10601 Briar Forest Dr.
Houston, TX 77042


A return envelope is provided for your convenience. If mailed, postage is required.

Ballot links:




How do I complete my ballot? Does it need to be notarized?
To vote on this amendment, you need only complete the page titled: BALLOT FOR AMENDMENT TO RESTRICTIONS WALNUT BEND, SECTION TWO
To complete your ballot, follow these steps:                                   
  1. Check one box: 'FOR Amendment' or 'AGAINST Amendment'
  2. Owner(s) of the property as listed on deed: Sign ballot and print name(s)
  3. Write your address where requested at bottom of page
  4. Return ballot to Walnut Bend Rec Center via mail or hand-delivery (return envelope provided for convenience, but not required)
You do not need to notarize your ballot.  The amendment, if passed, will require notarization prior to filing with County records. The amendment was provided in its entirety to owners for their review.

When will voting end?  
Owners will be given 20 days notice prior to last day of voting.  

How many votes are needed to pass the amendment?
Per paragraph 19 of the Section 2 deed restrictions, amendments have to be approved “by a vote of the majority of the then owners of the lots …” 

I have a question not listed on this FAQ.  Who should I contact?
Submit any questions to amendment@walnutbend.org.


Board of Directors

Walnut Bend Home Association, Inc.