Walnut Bend Garbage & Recycling Info

Walnut Bend is serviced by OFS (Old Fashion Sanitation) (281) 457-2705. Customer Service Department will assist in any missed trash pickup or other trash service problems.

All trash must be out by 7:00AM and not before 6:00PM the night before. 

Trash pick up days are: Monday and Thursday. All household trash (up to three cans) is to remain at the back. Please do not put cans beyond the front line of the house. Up to three bags of lawn trash may be left at the back with the cans.
  • Your container must be with a capacity of up to 45 gallons, plastic with handles of adequate strength for lifting and a lid capable of preventing entrance by vectors.
  • The mouth of the container shall have a diameter greater than or equal to that of the base.
Thursday is heavy trash pickup in addition to regular service. Please call the number above to inform them of heavy trash. Yard trash is scheduled for pick up on Thursdays at the curb.
  • All yard waste; bulky waste and bundles must be placed in a container or bag and be placed within five feet of the roadway on the second collection day of the week.
  • The bags must be plastic and designed to store refuse with sufficient wall strength- contents not to exceed 50 pounds.
  • Bulk waste: refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners must have certification of Freon reclamation. This certification is done by a licensed air condition repair person.
  • Bundles which can be trees, shrub and brush trimmings or newspapers and magazines neatly stacked, forming an easily handled package not exceeding 4 feet in length or 50 pounds and 18 inches in diameter will be picked up at the curb.
Remember: it helps the contractor and yourself to have your garbage in bags inside your trash cans. Please do not place trash directly in the can without a bag.

Contact OFS directly to see if the items can be picked up for an additional fee:
Contractor or construction waste (this includes carpet, bricks, wood, etc.) or hazardous or medical waste.

Holiday schedule:
Labor Day- regular pickup
Thanksgiving – NO pickup
Christmas Day –NO pickup
New Year’s Day – NO pickup
Memorial Day - regular pickup

When there is no trash pickup it will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled day for Walnut Bend.