Monthly Board Meeting - October
The next monthly board of directors meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 19th, 2020.
Swim Season Schedule for remainder of Summer
Friday, September 25: 5PM - 8PM
Saturday, September 26: 10AM - 8PM
Sunday, September 27: 12PM - 8PM
The Splash Pad is now open as of July 10th. The reopening has been carefully planned to ensure compliance with regulations that are temporarily in place. Below is a list of our temporarily modified rules which may change as necessary.

It is very important that everyone please adhere to these rules in order to keep the pool open and available to our residents. Your cooperation will ensure that we can keep the pool open and everyone can enjoy for the season.

Per State rule, capacity is limited to 50 people in the pool area at any one time, and Swim Houston will be closing the pool on regular intervals to sanitize surfaces. We request that only one family use the restrooms at a time. Also there will not be tables and chairs, so please bring your own chair if you would like one to use.

- Anyone who currently or has recently felt ill or had a fever is asked to respect the other guests and do not come to the pool or other areas.
- Each pool session will be open for 1.5 hours followed by a 30 minute period that the pool will close for sanitizing and reset of guests.
-30 spots per 1.5 hour swim period will be allowed to reserve online, with the remaining 20 available spots for walk up.
-Slide remains closed.
-Please limit the contact between non-household members and observe social distancing.
-Lifeguards will not take normally scheduled adult-swim breaks.
-Non-Resident guests/pool parties will temporarily be prohibited to ensure Walnut Bend residents have the most access to their facility
Pool Sign-up
We have created an online signup link below for residents to reserve some of the spots each time period. This is will be the only reservation method allowed.
Residents may reserve up to 2 time slots per day for their family only.
Cutoff time for reserving spots online will be 9 pm on the day prior.
Reservations will be released to any walk up guests if not checked in by exactly 15 minutes after the time starts.

Reservation signup link:

The lifeguards will have a printout of the reservation each morning for the day, so please show them your confirmation email/ID when you arrive to check in.

Please remember the Swim Houston lifeguards will not be tasked with policing social distancing requests, they are there to maintain water safety. They are however in charge of enforcing occupancy and closing the pool after each 1.5 hour swim session.

We will continue to monitor the guidelines that are put forth and adjust the rules/capacity as necessary, thank you for your continued support!