Online Payments
Both the 2020 annual maintenance fee and the first quarter service fee have been added to the Walnut Bend online payment system. Online payments are the preferred method of payment by the Association and we ask that you please use this method instead of check when possible.

The fees for online payments are:
Bank account (e-check): $2.95/transaction
Credit card:  3.25%

To pay online please click "Pay Online".

If preferred, you can pay your entire 2020 balance including the remaining three quarterly service fees ($190/each) by adding $570 to your payment. There is also an option to setup auto-pay.

Thank you!

Walnut Bend Home Association

2020 Quarterly Service Fee increase
The Quarterly Service fee for 2020 is $190.00. The new fee was approved following a review and discussion by the Board at the open and noticed Board meeting in December. This is an increase of $16 per quarter, or $5.33 per month. The change was primarily driven by increases in our constable contract cost, increase in garbage costs under our new contract (back door service + curbside recycling), and to ensure that we continue to set aside appropriate amounts in order to adequately fund our reserve account as recommended per the 2018 reserve study. Annual maintenance fees (which are separate from service fees) did not increase.