Please select the drop downs below for information regarding the process for submitting Exterior Modification Requests (EMR) to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

When do I need to submit an architectural change application?

From Walnut Bend Home Association Architectural Control Guidelines 2: “…obtain written approval from the Architectural Control Committee prior to erecting, constructing, installing, maintaining or making any exterior modification to any dwelling, building, outbuilding, garage, fence, wall, structure or any other type of improvement of any character on a Lot.
  • There is no requirement to obtain prior ACC approval for exterior alterations to existing improvements that replace materials and/or colors with the same architectural material type, appearance, finish and color so long as such replacement of materials and/or colors meet the requirements of the Associations Dedicatory Instruments…” 

How do I submit the application?

  1. On the Crest Homeowner Portal (Crest Homeowner Portal), select Exterior Modification Request (EMR) Form.
  2. On the next screen, enter basic contact information, then select Next to review the governing documents.
  3. Review the governing documents to verify your project is allowed by the ACC guidelines and deed restrictions (including supplemental notices), then if you agree to abide by the terms in the governing documents, check the box stating as such. Click next.
  4. Select the type of EMR you are submitting, click Next.
  5. Complete the application, taking care to submit all requested documentation. IMPORTANT!: Failure to provide all requested information and documents will delay the submittal and review process.
  6. Review your application prior to submitting.
  7. Review the acknowledgments, and if you agree, check both boxes. Click Submit.
  8. You will immediately receive a confirmation email from Crest.  This indicates the application is pending until application completion can be verified by Crest.
  9. Once the application is verified by Crest, it will be forwarded to the ACC for review. You will receive an email once this step is complete.
  10. The ACC will review the application for compliance with the governing documents for your section.  If additional information is needed, a member of the ACC will contact you.
  11. The ACC will approve or deny the application through the Crest portal.  If denied, a reason will be provided.
  12. You will receive a final email from Crest with the application approval or denial.
    1. You must be registered as a homeowner on the Crest Management Homeowner Portal to submit an application.
    2. If there are any questions/issues at any step in the EMR process, please contact the ACC at

What should I expect and how long does the process take?

  • The EMR submittal, review, and decision process has up to 30 days to complete from the time a properly completed EMR is submitted. Please allow 30 days from time of application submittal before beginning your project.
  • The ACC attempts to review and decide upon EMRs as quickly as possible.  However, failure to provide all requested information/documents may cause a delay in the process.

Who do I contact if I'm having issues or need additional help?

If there are any questions/issues at any step in the EMR process, please contact the ACC at